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"Nothing will get the media's attention quicker than an online press kit. It helps them find the right expert and gives them everything they need...right at their fingertips."

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From: Drew Gerber and Michelle Tennant Nicholson

To: Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers and Authors

You know media coverage gets you seen, builds credibility and sells products. With a little PR, you'll become a "familiar face". With a lot of PR, you'll be famous. So why aren't you getting the media coverage you want and deserve?

Look, PR isn't a mystery; it's really quite simple: have something that interests the media and make it easy for them to cover you.

See, we know what it takes to be a media star - you need a secret weapon. Online PressKit 24/7 gives the media what they want, when they want it - your bio, high-resolution photos, product images, media placements and more. No more attachments that don't make it through firewalls; that bog down their email; or that can't be found later. Online PressKit 24/7 keeps them organized by providing links that can be accessed 24/7, no matter where they (or you) are. And in today's fast-paced media world, it's important to be available 24/7. The media is working all hours and so should you. Either that, or let Online PressKit 24/7 do the work for you.

Online PressKit 24/7 is the perfect tool...making you a star the media will use over and over again.

"Since signing up for Online PressKit 24/7, traffic to my website has skyrocketed. As a result I got a call from Voice America inviting me to launch my own media savvy radio show! I'm sure I got this call because of the caliber of my online press kit. Thanks PressKit 24/7!"

~Nancy Juetten, PR and Marketing expert, Main Street Media Savvy

"This was an easy decision. For what it would cost to send out four press releases through a distribution service, I can pay for an entire year of PressKit 24/7. The process is simple and I can manage it directly."

~ Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD, Optinet Resources

So Drew and Michelle, what does PressKit 24/7 do?

We're glad you asked. Put simply, Online PressKit 24/7 produces results! If you're looking for media coverage, a press kit is absolutely essential. If you'd like the media to find you, your press kit must be online.

Here's what Online PressKit 24/7 does for you:

  • Links instead of attachments. Let's face it, most members of the media hate attachments. They won't open them from unknown sources, they don't get them because of firewalls, and they can't find them again when they need them.
  • Gets the media's attention. Ever try to get a job without a resume? Fine, if you're applying for a fast food job. But if you're going after a top position, you need to be prepared. A press kit is the 'professional face' you put forth to the media. An online press kit takes your level of professionalism up a notch.
  • Keeps you organized. With so many files and photos, it's easy to lose track. Where's that high resolution logo file? Which photo file is your most recent head shot? With Online PressKit 24/7, it's easy to stay neat and organized and the media loves that.
  • Works for you around the clock. So when the media needs something from you at midnight, have no worries. Sleep tight. Online PressKit 24/7 has got you covered.

Nothing beats experience and proven results, that's why we're committed to helping you wow the media and become a media star using our Online Presskit 24/7 technology. For just $59 per month we'll give you access to our cutting edge technology to set up your online press kit in just hours.

When you sign up for Online PressKit 24/7, you'll receive:

  • Banner generating tool - to quickly and easily create a banner that matches the look of your website.
  • 24/7 editing ability - to make changes to your online press kit in real time.
  • Unlimited pages - to provide the media with everything they need.
  • Multimedia library - to keep all your files, including sound and video, organized.
  • Powerful optimization tools - so your press kit can easily be found online around the clock.
  • "Getting Started" guide - to take you by the hand to create and optimize a professional press kit that will wow the media.

You'll Also Receive These Extra Bonuses...


Top 100 Radio Contacts

In this special list you'll have direct access to 100 top national and syndicated radio stations across the U.S.

Having the right contacts is key to your success so we're going to give you a list of our PR firm's TOP RADIO CONTACTS! With this list and your online press kit you'll be on your way to producing PR results and fulfilling your dreams.


50 Top Tier TV Contacts

In this special list you'll have direct access to 50 top tier TV contacts across the U.S.

Having the right contacts is key to your success so we're going to give you a top tier list of our PR firm's TV CONTACTS! With this list and your online press kit you'll be on your way to producing PR results and fulfilling your dreams.


TWO PressKit 24/7 Guidebooks and Training Calls

These guidebooks and training calls will give you everything you need to create a top notch press kit that will grab the media's attention and have them knocking on your door.


Inclusion In Our SearchPressKits.com Database

Our online database gets up to 55,000 searches per month - so journalists can find you when shopping for story ideas.

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

With Online PressKit 24/7 your product will be in front of the media quickly in just a few easy steps:

on line press kit

Create your online press kit using our cutting edge technology. No high priced computer programmer needed! In just minutes you can create your press kit and be on your way to scoring media placements. With Online PressKit 24/7's "Get Started Guide", you can cut and paste text, upload documents, add graphics, sound or video and you're done! Need help? No problem! We take pride in providing great customer service.

connect with the media

Optimize your press kit. We're committed to your success and we know how valuable it is to be at the top of searches. Online PressKit 24/7's powerful built-in SEO (search engine optimization) feature makes it a snap to be found on the top search engines. Plus, being part of the Online PressKit 24/7 interlinking network, your Google Page Rank will go through the roof!

public relations

Publish your press kit. With just the click of a mouse, you can join Online PressKit 24/7's searchable database (www.searchpresskits.com) that receives up to 55,000 visits a month.

"We're revealing our 'Secret Weapon to PR' to give you everything you need to get the media knocking on your door."

Online Presskit 24/7 was created using our combined 40+ years of PR experience. From landing a film deal negotiation to being a regular on the TODAY show, our online press kits get results time and time again. It's an invaluable tool that gets clients found online and scores placements. Whether you're a prominent national figure, small business owner, non-profit agency, author, consultant, or coach, Online PressKit 24/7 is the perfect tool for you at $59 a month!

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