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Online PressKit 24/7 acts as your virtual publicist around the clock. It gathers all the information about you that the media might need in one neatly organised space, and shows it to them when they need it. Links, images, files, videos, etc.

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Journalists from Yahoo!News, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Associated Press, Time Magazine, Glamour, InsideBusiness, Woman’s Day among others use our system to find quality information. Online PressKit 24/7 helps them find what they are looking for.

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Having all the information laid out neatly and easily accessible at all times for the media is like candy to a child. Who do you think will get the interview: the person who needs to gather all the information he or she needs to send to the media, or you: who has everything prepared at the fingertips of the journalists? If you don’t get at least three media placements a year your money will be refunded!

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Hi, my name is Tracy Adler.

Let me tell you how PressKit 24/7 helped me realize my dream.

"My press kit helped me get straight about what I was selling to the media. It gave me the angles and pitch ideas that made my product newsworthy so I could launch a successful PR campaign."

Link to my PressKit: yumyumdishes.onlinepresskit247.com

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